Iniciasystems present a HOSTELCO 2024: Lavautensilios industrial y bandejas gastronorm.

What is Iniciasystems®

Iniciasystems® is an innovative immersion cleaning system for kitchen utensils and equipment, which combined with our biodegradable thermo-active products, offers an optimal result with minimum effort and maximum economic savings.

From fire irons, stoves, hood filters and extremely dirty pots and pans, to the daily maintenance of all the cookware as the gastronorm trays; whatever type of cleaning is required, Iniciasystems® leaves everything spotless.


From stove irons, hood filters, and extremely dirty pots and pans to the daily maintenance of all cookware, including gastronorm trays, Iniciasystems® ensures spotless results.

Sustainable cleaning

Iniciasystems® washes with the same water and Thermoactive for 2 to 10 weeks.

Solutions and machinery for the hospitality industry

Iniciaserveis® equipment and machinery for hotels, restaurants and communities are the solution to saving costs for your business.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the hospitality, catering and community sectors, Iniciaserveis® was born with the desire to make professional kitchens profitable, with quality equipment and solutions, to offer significant financial savings for your restaurant, hotel or bar.

With this philosophy of saving and optimization, we have designed and manufactured Iniciasystems®, an innovative immersion cleaning system for kitchen utensils, which combined with our biodegradable thermoactive products, allows you to save up to 70% in washing costs, disinfecting at the same time time all kitchen utensils.

Iniciasystems® is a degreasing machine specifically designed for restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments. It is also suitable for various industrial kitchen settings such as production kitchens, caterings, grills, hospitals, schools, and communities.

Iniciasystems® is a product manufactured by Iniciaserveis®.

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Benefits Iniciasystems®

Optimize your time and effort

The hours and effort you spend cleaning up can be spent on other tasks, allowing you to be much more productive in the kitchen.

Rapid return on investment

Iniciasystems® offers you maximum savings in operator hours, electricity, water and cleaning products; a considerable reduction in costs that guarantees a very fast amortization period.

Food hygiene and disinfection

Iniciasystems® cleans all utensils at a temperature of 75º, thus guaranteeing a rigorous daily control of hygiene and an optimum level of cleaning and disinfection. It also helps to obtain ISO or HACCP cleaning standards.

Environmental commitment

Designed on the basis of sustainability parameters, it consumes less water, energy and chemicals than existing conventional washing systems, including manual cleaning.

Energy and water savings

Iniciasystems® provides you with a considerable reduction of water and light consumption.

Minimum maintenance

Iniciasystems® only needs the biodegradable thermo-active for its operation and does not require any costly or special maintenance.

Save up to 70% in washing costs using Iniciasystems®

Here you can calculate the savings you would obtain using the Iniciasystems IS 300 A model as a reference for washing Gastronrom 1/1 trays of 65 mm.

At Iniciaserveis® we advise and carry out personalized savings studies

Iniciasystems present a HOSTELCO 2022: Lavautensilios industrial y bandejas gastronorm.