Accessories for the industrial warewashing machine Iniciasystems®

With the Iniciasystems® range of accessories you can customize it, making it even easier to use and maintain. We can also adapt it according to the type of utensils you usually wash, manufacturing if necessary the accessories that best suit your needs.

Automatic water filling

Automatic water filling system, automatically fills the tank with water through a button. The water inlet will stop by itself when it has reached the maximum level.

Facilitates cleaning. By changing the water and the thermoactive you can rinse the bottom from Iniciasystems® for a few minutes without effort for periodic cleaning of maintenance.

Support for Gastronorm trays

Accessory to optimize your Iniciasystems® washing of GN trays to the maximum capacity. Built entirely of AISI stainless steel 304 18/10, facilitates the placement of the trays gastronorms in vertical position and the subsequent extraction of the utensils comfortably.

Folding cover for A models

With this accessory you can insert the utensils in the A models without having to raise the inner basket, making the washing job more practical. Made entirely of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel. With high quality pistons that support the working temperature of Iniciasystems®.

Accessory for drainage the iniciasystems

With this accessory, you can comfortably drain the Iniciasystems® tank in case you do not have a drain at level 0. Drainage kit includes drainage pump, 1 meter inlet hose with connection to the Iniciasystems® drainage system and a 3-meter outlet hose.