Sectors Iniciasystems®

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Hospitality and Catering

Iniciasystems® in this sector is particularly suitable for effortlessly washing all cookware, Gastronorm trays, hood filters, cooker irons, etc. Some utensils such as “paella” pans will be presented to the end customer in an unbeatable state.

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Hospitals and Collectivities

In these centres, the most important thing is to have an optimum degree of disinfection. Iniciasystems® works with the necessary temperature and PH to ensure that all the washed utensils, especially the Gastronorm trays, are in an impeccable condition.

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Bakeries and Patisserie

In bakeries Iniciasystems® is particularly suitable for removing dirt from moulds and trays made of different materials, even trays with non-stick coating, as it extends their life without suffering any damage, leaving them completely clean.

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Food industry and Production kitchens

Iniciasystems® offers a large range of models for this industry, to clean the largest utensils such as Gastronorm 2/1 trays, moulds, filtering roof filters or any metallic element that needs to be washed or descaled.

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Rotisseries and Ready meals

Kitchens in this sector are heavily encrusted with dirt, Iniciasystems® effortlessly cleans grease on rotisserie hooks, swords, cookware, hood filters, etc. Your business will always have a shiny appearance in front of the public.

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In this high consumption group, energy saving is vital. Iniciasystems® can reduce washing costs by up to 70%. We are delighted to provide you with our large-capacity models for cleaning Gastronorm trays, filtering ceilings, the entire kitchenware, etc.